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Ingrid & Isabel Leggings

by Esther on Wed, Jan 20th, 2010

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I was so excited to order these leggings online last week.  Leggings have been a mainstay since my first trimester.  They are maximum comfort to a pregnant belly.  I love the photos of the Ingrid and Isabel leggings.  I love the supportive stretch over the belly, and how you can tuck it down under everything when you get really big.

I got them last week and loved them at first sight.  The fabric is soft, though thinner than I had expected.  No matter.  I’ve worn them to two yoga classes, and once to work.

I put them on under a tunic today and sighed.  It seems that there are already a few small fuzzy pulls on my calf.  Also, my favorite and lovely over the knee boots have ruined the fabric where they hit over the knee.  How disappointing!  So much for a $50 pair of leggings that reports to have been tested for wear and tear.  I was hoping that if I shelled out a little extra, I could just wear them everyday if I hand washed them every night.  These leggings won’t last another month at this rate.

I think that my next order will go for these $20 micro-fiber leggings on Amazon, which look exactly the same.  I won’t feel as bad ruining $20 leggings as I feel having already ruined these.