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Week 31

Head down!

by Milton on Sat, Mar 13th, 2010

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Every 2 weeks when we visit the midwife I beg for them to tell me how our little baby is positioned in the belly.  Then I get their patient 5-minute tutorial on how to tell the difference between a butt and a head, and they comment on Esther’s rock hard abs.  I blame the abs on my cluelessness.  Also, there are a lot of disclaimers like “he’s still going to move around” and “I’m not 100% sure” but really, I just want to know, right now, at this moment, how is he positioned.  If I can figure that out, and know how to figure it out, then I can figure it out at home and then the poking and prodding sessions would be oh so much more enlightening to me.

Anyway, yesterday I felt his head!  And it was down!  That makes me happy.  He can move the rest of his body all up down and all around as much as he wants, but keep your head down, kiddo.  Right?  Now, the only thing to worry about is him coming too early or too late.  And the endless domino-line of worries marches one domino forward.

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