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Week 15

100 days down

by Milton on Mon, Nov 9th, 2009

in Week 15

Only 180, give or take 14, to go.


  • Everything with baby seems to be going fine.
  • Esther reports that the nausea is calming down (but not gone entirely)
  • Esther reports that she can barely feel the baby. “Like a little fish swimming around.”
  • Our house is still not sold. There may or may not be an offer coming in next week, but the agent seems a little sketchy. Cross your fingers that their client is not!
  • I’m reading Spiritual Midwifery, and it’s awesome.
  • I got The Birth Partner from a friend who was a doula for a while, and I think it’s gonna be a great book to prepare me for not being a waste of space during the birth.
  • We are having trouble finding anywhere with an H1N1 vaccination. Everywhere is all booked, even though we have been calling and checking everything every day. I just have to be more diligent about checking at 11am every day and calling all the pharmacies that have the shot. We will get immunized!

With every day, I feel more and more excited about this. I’m excited to be a father. I’m excited to get to be there from the beginning and experience this process of becoming a human being from scratch. I’m excited about how this will change the way I view the world and experience life.