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Week 14

I think today we went from being pretty certain about having our baby in a hospital with a doctor and all that that implies to going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and deciding to do a home birth with a midwife.

I totally think it’s the right thing for us to do.

We met with a midwife group called Rainy City Midwifery and the difference between what we learned in the 60 minutes there versus the 3 visits and many hours of being at the Polyclinic was stark, to say the least.

Beth Coyote (great name, right?) at Rainy City Midwifery was amazing. Right away she talked about how this is not simply a medical procedure involving a uterus and a baby, but something that is happening to our family.  The creation of a family even.  Imagine that.

3% Cesarean rates, with 85% of the births taking place without transferring to a hospital.  That’s a stark contrast to the 30% Cesarean rates at Polyclinic (even though even that’s lower than the national average).

They have 3 midwives and 2 students, with one midwife always on call, while all 3 are always up to date on everything happening with every mother.  The 2 students attend every birth.  So there are at least 3 people with their full attention on you at all times.  If things end up going to the hospital, they come with you and stay through the end.

Listen to this.  They visit your home 1 day after the birth and 3 days after the birth, and also continue to help out for the following 6 weeks.  That alone was a huge deal to me, and illustrated the difference between getting the baby out and starting a family.

They are cheaper than a hospital.  Mostly because they don’t bother running up every single bill that they can.  When we explained our insurance situation Beth even suggested that some potential payment plans were available.  We might need those.

On every visit (about the same number of visits as you would for a doctor) they spend most of the time talking with you, answering questions, etc.  Contrast that to our 10 minutes of doctor time that we’ve had during our first 3 visits, and however many minutes waiting in waiting rooms and little rooms.

I was ready to sign up right then and there this afternoon.  Esther wanted to talk about it, so we left, talked 10 minutes, and then made our next appointment and canceled our future appointments at the Polyclinic.

We’re gonna try to do a home birth.  1% of births in the US are through midwives, and only a fraction of those are done outside of a hospital.  So we’re going a pretty radically different route than most people do.  But, outside the US, plenty of other countries do it this way.  We both strongly feel that this is the right decision for us.



My father

by Milton on Mon, Nov 2nd, 2009

in Parenthood,Week 14

My father passed away from complications from lung cancer 16 years and 2 days ago. Here he is…

My dad

One year, five months, and one day from now will be the point in my life where I have been without him as long as I was with him.  In my literary mind, it makes sense to me that I’ll be at the very beginning of my own fatherhood at that point.

He was a great father. I miss him.

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