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Week 10

Record every day, from the very first?

by Milton on Tue, Oct 6th, 2009

in Documentation,Week 10

Uh oh. I’ve started to think about documentation. Like most people of my generation, there are a few relics of evidence that the lives of my parents existed before I was born, but not many.  Mostly sepia-toned roundy-cornered photographs in scrap books, and a few big-event posed pictures propped in silver frames on my grandparent’s glass end tables.

Of course, things are entirely different now.  I have a ton of instant camera photos from camping trips in high school, then a bunch of digital pictures mostly lost during college, then a whole slew of Flickr pictures, and a growing collection of Facebook pictures. Not to mention the just-starting-to-get-warmed-up collection of awkward Flip and iPhone videos that don’t quite know where they want to be stored yet.

I still haven’t heard of a single newborn who has been photographed every day of his/her life.  I’m sure they exist, though, somewhere on the internet. It’s not only possible, but pretty easy to do, and imagine if you had a picture of every day of your life, from the very beginning.  Would you have a different understanding of yourself if you had records that precise? Not just the big things, but also the small things, the insignificant things, the forgettable things.

I’m not saying that I’m going to do this with the future baby in our lives, but I do have to at least talk myself out of it. Because recording everything is my default starting point, and everything less than that is an exercise in practicality.


Good Times and Nice Hormones

by Esther on Mon, Oct 5th, 2009

in Week 10

Pregnancy gave me a break last night!  We were attending the amazing wedding of some good friends, and I managed not only to stay until the lovely end, but to dance the entire time!

There was no end of the night overwhelming bout of nausea, nor was there the sudden and overwhelming sense of TIRED that comes over me and suddenly turns me into a more short-tempered version of myself.

Of course, as with all pregnancy good times, I automatically had a nagging worry that something was going wrong.  Luckily, I woke this morning with crippling waves of stomach churning, and am currently too exhausted to enjoy the city we are visiting.  Thank goodness?  I guess.

Last night I thought for perhaps the 4th time this week, “Wow.  I am having a terrific time and I am not drunk in the least.”  It’s kind of amazing.  When I had curbed my drinking in an effort to get pregnant during the past year, drunk friends around me were frankly annoying.  Now, my drunk friends are symbols of the best kind of love and community affection.  Are these my nice hormones at work?  The ones that will make me a patient and kind mother?  If so, will they continue to surge through my system in ever-greater quantity?  Let’s hope.