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August 2010


by Esther on Mon, Aug 16th, 2010

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Baby Pile!

Yesterday we went to our birth class reunion!  It was such a blast seeing so many healthy and happy babies all up in a pile, and wonderful to reconnect with our doula master, Penny Simkin.

Just a few short months ago, when our class last met, we were a bunch of nervous and very very pregnant almost-parents.  We wouldn’t have known what to do with a baby if you had chucked one to us!  Milton and I hadn’t even changed a diaper in decades, since our long past junior high school baby sitting gigs.  We sat in class to practice breathing, voice our concerns, and watch videos in which women made harrowing sounds to bring their babies into the world.  We were totally labor focused, of course, because it was a home BIRTHING class.  I for one could hardly imagine what it would be like to hold a silky three month old in my arms, much more imagine how I could possibly become a breast feeding champ and screaming baby wrangler (luckily the screaming part doesn’t happen often).

Yet, yesterday, there we were!  A parcel of relaxed and experienced baby parents who could carry on conversations with one another while flipping a baby from one side to another to keep them entertained and quiet!  Amazing!!!

It was so great to see everyone and get a look into the essential selves that all of those babies had on display.

Here are a bunch in a pile, with my sack of potatoes son rising a whole head and shoulders above the rest.  Aren’t they sweet?!  Look at those little faces!!