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So, I’ve been waiting and waiting for my newest nursing tanks to arrive in the mail.  I’ve been using Bravado tanks since he was born, but only ordered 2 of them.  Two tanks and one nursing bra?  Yeah.  3 options are not enough for me.  Wanna know why?

WELL!  I just got the tanks from Glamourmom in the mail this morning.  I tried them on and I like them OK, but they’re not perfect.  I can see the nipple cut out contour through the fabric and I really don’t like lines.  So I thought, I’ll think about this for just a minute.  I was torn between sending them back and ordering more Bravado tanks or just keeping them because I’ve been waiting SO long and the lines aren’t totally terrible.  I mean, I usually wear a cardigan or vest of some sort with my nursing tanks, anyhow.  I also thought I should try them out with some different breast pads to see how that looked.  So, I looked around the house for some breast pads, and then my kid started to squirm and squeak in his bouncy seat.  So I looked at my kid, and wow, he is SO SO cute.  Can you believe this cuteness?  I am just beside myself with baby joy when I look at this guy…


Anyhow, I take a look at this guy and get all fluttery inside because HE IS PERFECT AND AMAZING and I decide that he is going to sleep for a little bit longer while I find a breast pad and look at the lines in my tank top when BAM, I look down and this has happened….

I Guess I'm Keeping This Top

Milk everywhere.  Breast pads are no where to be found.  This top is going straight into the wash and staying in my wardrobe because there are no longer any other options.

And this is how nursing is going for me!  My fountain runnith over.  My faucets are constantly ON.  The tiny breasts that enjoyed so many lusty summers flying perky and free under scant, flimsy silk tops and camis have become mountains of femininity.  I can now make pornographic cleavage out of a rack that once only enjoyed a small “woopsie” when  part of the package popped cutely out of my itsy bitsy tini wini.

I have been trying and trying to go without breast pads all week because these fountains of mine are supposed to regulate by now… but, seriously, I don’t know if the fountain is ever going to stop.  I pumped yesterday after yoga because Milton feeds our dude with a bottle when I go to the gym.  My breasts were so soft when I was done that I could’ve sworn that I wouldn’t leak… but leak I did, just 5 minutes later.  And, honestly, I don’t have to look at my kid’s cuteness in order to spring a leak.   I am pretty sure that Savasana is an oxytocin inducing wonder because I run from class three times a week with two sand dollar sized circles on my tank.  I’ve even started bringing my cardigan into the yoga studio so that I can cover up as soon as the lights go on after class.

I realize that lots of woman have lots of problems with breast feeding, and I am SO thankful that my kid is feeding well enough that he seems to have doubled in size over the past 5 weeks.  But, man, as petty as it sounds, I sure wish I didn’t have to worry so darn much about wet spots in conspicuous areas.

UPDATE:   While I was finishing this entry, Axelrod woke up.  I nursed him.  I was then spit up on in rivulets half a dozen times while still wearing this same tank.  If any of you pregnant girls out there were to ask me, “How many nursing tanks should I get?”  my answer would be, “As many as you can afford, if your breasts and your kid are going to be anything like mine.”

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1 Jackie Thu, Jun 24th, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Kellianne, this entry really took me back! I only ever wore my nursing tanks/shirts outside though–in my own house, I would just pull up whatever baggy t-shirt I had on that could accommodate my enormous new rack! The tricky thing about the milk supply is that even once it settles down, there will be a baby growth spurt and it will have to go back up!


2 Esther Thu, Jul 1st, 2010 at 1:04 pm

I don’t know how you breast fed with TWO babies! It amazes me to think about.

Did you do them both at once? Did they each have their own boob or did you switch them off? Or did you just pump?

How long did you breast feed for?


3 Jackie Tue, Jul 6th, 2010 at 8:09 pm

I tried to do them both at once as much as I could, definitely when we were home, but in public it was most often one at a time–the best nursing shirts can only cover so much! I breastfed on demand and didn’t have much luck with pumping, but then, I didn’t need to worry about it, really, because I wasn’t working during the day. I tried to keep them on the same sides, but sometimes had to switch–Sophie was usually on the right and Lucy on the left.

I breastfed for about seven months, and then my supply started to dwindle after a terribly dehydrating bout of rotavirus. It was also due to low thyroid levels, but I wouldn’t figure that out for another five months, which was too late for breastfeeding anymore.

It’s crazy to think that was so long ago!


4 Esther Tue, Jul 6th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

7 months is still pretty amazing, especially considering that there were two mouths to feed! They are such big girls now, and I STILL haven’t met them, which is something that I regret pretty deeply. When they were born, I was totally in my own little world of drama and moving to New York. You guys grew up so much faster than I did!


5 Dana Sat, Jun 26th, 2010 at 10:46 am

I use basic old navy tanks (with the shelf bra) and stick the pads in there… Then to nurse just pull them down. I find it very easy and they are cheap (2 for 12 last I checked) I only have one bravado tank and didn’t want to spend another 60 bucks. :)


6 Esther Thu, Jul 1st, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Thank you for this suggestion! I will have to check them out! It’s true that the tops are WAY too expensive!

The thing is that I really do like the design of the Glammormom tops… there’s a nipple cut out under the nursing fold down that adds just a little more discretion.

Not that I’ve been caring too much about discretion, lately. Modesty isn’t in my mothering vocabulary, and it’s so easy to toss a burp cloth over his head if I’m feeling private with my parts.


7 Jen Sun, Jun 27th, 2010 at 11:06 am

Good gravy! Well, shawls and sweaters are really cool at least. Not having a kid my advice is nil, but yea… good job! Keep up the good work!


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