Family Week, day 3

by Esther on Fri, Jun 11th, 2010

in Month 1

It’s family week in our household!  My folks are visiting with my two very much younger sisters.  Milton’s sister, niece, and mum will be here on Saturday!  We will also be visited by an illustrious “uncle” on Saturday.

(Sadly, there is so much going on on Saturday that we’ll have to miss the party being thrown to end the long run of our local peep show.  The Lusty Lady is the latest victim of our bad economy- dozens of store fronts are closed in our neighborhood.)

We are settling a sort of routine here.  The Witching Hour is real and very much so upon us.  Thankfully, we don’t have a baby with colic!  We just have a gassy baby.  He needs to be burped multiple times after each feeding.  The only times he really cries are when he either needs to spit up or nurse, so it’s easy at this point to figure out how to soothe him.  The nurse cry is very distinct from the spit cry.  The nurse cry is a helpless wail.  Upon hearing it, my breasts wail right along with him, sometimes messing the floor, my shirt, or (very often) my infant’s face.  The gas cry, on the other hand, involves a whole lot of grunting and squeaking between frustrated cries.  I like to equate the gas cry with my pregnancy digestion issues.  If only I could stuff 5 Papaya Enzyme pills into our dude’s mouth and call it a day instead of trying, often without success, to catch every stream of spit up that projects out from his mouth.

The biggest familial loss to the gas grunt and squeak is that of the sleep variety.  He seems to go down pretty well between 11 and 4, waking once for a feeding.  After 4 he sleeps for a while, but spends most of this sleep time grunting and squeaking on and on and on.  As he sleeps right between us, there’s not much I can do to get sleep myself.  Too much noise from him fakes me into thinking he’s wanting to nurse too often.  There’s a part of me that thinks this grunting and squeaking might cut co-sleeping off a little early… and there’s a part of my heart that would just break to have to put him down without us.  He sleeps much better cuddled up to his mom or his dad.

Milton has just gone against my wishes and woken Axelrod up.  He seems to think he can soothe him after a 3 hour nap without a boob, but my boobs know better.  I gotta go!


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