Today’s Appointments and The State of the Countdown!

by Esther on Wed, May 5th, 2010

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The house has really been ready for quite some time now.  Food is frozen.  Fridge is stocked.  Pantry is stocked.  Hair is freshly colored.  Toe nails are painted.  Eyelashes are tinted.  Brows are waxed.  Baby console is set up.  Cabinets are reorganized.  Midwife table is filled with supplies.  House is clean.  Cat is happy.

My husband does need a haircut.  I do need my legs waxed.  Both of these things are on my agenda for the immediate future, but really… I kind of dig a husband who looks like a fatherly hobo and don’t mind some peach fuzz for a little while.  Mostly I’m making things to do up as I go along.

Today we visited the midwife!  After a check and a sweeping, she said that I am 2cms dilated with a very ripe cervix.  Now I need to do is get the baby’s head to come down a little and press against that nice ripe cervix for showtime.   She asked if I had been slouching and I felt instantly as if I were being busted for spending so much time in bed yesterday!  I thought to myself all day as I lay on my back and watched Friday Night Lights, I should really be doing yoga, going for a walk, or at the very least – bouncing on the ball, and yet I continued to laze about like a big pregnant bum.  Oops.

So, after I had a nice round of  post-cervical sweep acupuncture (sitting in a chair with pillows behind my back to keep me in the proper position), I went home, prepared some lunch, put some laundry into action, and watched a movie while eating and folding clothes on the birthing ball.  I am proud to say I have now logged several hours on the ball today.  Frankly, I still don’t feel any more as if I’m going to deliver.  But that’s ok!  Unlike all the comments I read on the baby boards, I am not feeling impatient with pregnancy.  I am comfortable, sleeping well, only minimally swollen, and feeling as if I’m in excellent overall health.  Frankly, I find it a little disheartening to read all of these troubled comments on the Motherhood and Baby Center boards.  I’m not sure what’s up with our culture that we are encouraging women to end their pregnancies as quickly as possible!  The US has the leading prematurity rate out of EVERY industrialized country, which is very alarming.  I am thankful to have been able to take this pregnancy to full term and figure that the longer my little lucky crane cooks, the happier and healthier he’ll be when he gets here.  Of course, I also figure that I should stop eating croissants at our neighborhood coffee shop… because, should he choose to stay in there for another week or so, our bodies are going to have a whole lot of extra work getting his baby chub to the outside world.

39 weeks, 3 days!

We are SO excited to see his little face, but of course I’m feeling precious about these last days of watching my belly move as the crane does his yogi moves!  He loves stretching his legs around midnight and creating hilarious shapes out of my belly.  He loves hearing his papa sing his name!  He loves to press his feet into my hands when I catch him in a stretch, which is fascinating and adorable.  He tends to move about when there is lots of laughter between his father and me.  I’ve let him know that 5-5-10 is a fine birthday to have… but I think he’s going to wait a while longer than that.  Which is fine and good.  These are magical belly times.

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1 Jen Wed, May 5th, 2010 at 9:04 am

This is so exciting! I totally agree with you about going full term, you’re growing a big berry and he’ll be ready when he is ripe :D

Good luck! Bounce away!


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