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by Milton on Fri, May 7th, 2010

in Letters to baby,Week 39

Dear Axelrod,

Tomorrow is your due date.  That’s pretty crazy.  And awesome.  Every night, we go to sleep with a little thought in the back of our minds that maybe you’ll decide to enter the world during that night while we sleep.  Why do babies tend to start their entrances into the world at night?  Can you even tell what time it is in there? Sounds like another fishy myth to me.

Yesterday, when Esther and I were walking around, we started talking about things that we wish we had learned when we were kids.  As people who have recently grown up in the same world that you’re about to enter, we’ve often noted that there are certain things that we feel slipped through the cracks in our education.  Things that we all do sort of end up learning in a Lord of the Flies kind of way, but never had formal or even intentional training in.  A few of the things we mentioned were:

  1. How to imagine ourselves in other peoples’ shoes (empathy)
  2. How to have confidence without being overconfident
  3. How to enjoy delayed gratification, work and have long term goals
  4. How to balance being independent with accepting and appreciating help from teachers, mentors and parents
  5. How to handle ambiguity, how to make it up and make it happen
  6. How to be curious about things, try new things, explore the unknown
  7. How to determine your own likes and dislikes, tastes, and preferences
  8. How to trust people
  9. How to make decisions, how to balance risks, how to plan for consequences
  10. How to manage money
  11. How to be healthy

The shocking thing to us is that these are things that we, as your parents, are still learning after all this time.  It’s amazing to me that we’ve even made it this far with having learned so little about the things that we want to teach you before your 10th birthday.

Still, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure that we give your the right environment to learn about these things, and may even put together our own little supplementary educational system to go along with your formal education.  And of course, that’s the charge of every parent, and I’m surprised that we weren’t all given more training ourselves on how to guide our children in their early lives.

So much learning in life is left to our own devices, and while we’re still devising our own learning we’re excited to also help give you the devices to help you learn about stuff as well.  Onward and upward with each new generation, right?

In the meantime, just keep your head down and just go in the direction that gravity pulls you.  That’s all you need to know for now.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you take your first breath.


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