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by Milton on Sun, Jan 3rd, 2010

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Just in case you haven’t heard, our 20-week ultrasound went smoothly and our very friendly nurse played along with our request to have her write the gender in a card that we could open at our leisure (away from the sterile confines of the hospital).

We tried to play it cool the rest of the day, running errands, watching a movie (Avatar was great), and walking around.  Around 7pm we started getting fidgety, and I asked Esther if she had any new guesses for the gender.  She admitted to having a pretty confident guess about it, as she think she spied some balls in one of the ultrasound shots inadvertently.  I asked Esther if she wanted to swap her bet and go for a girl at 10/1 odds (so that she’d get 10 pizzas if it was a girl and I’d get one pizza if it was a boy) and she declined.  I sighed and admitted that I too thought I spied something on the screen.  (It was pretty funny at the time, and I think we were probably giggling a little.)

We decided to open the card while she sat on the pig in Pike Place Market.

Our suspicions were correct!  We are going to have a son!

And to prove I’m good for my word, here’s the pizza:

We spent the rest of dinner (and a good part of the last couple weeks) talking excitedly about what this means for us, and how much more tangible it all feels now. A son. A little man. Amazing.

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