Week 24

by Esther on Wed, Jan 20th, 2010

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I have suddenly begun to swell, something I was hoping wouldn’t happen until the very end of pregnancy, if ever.  My wedding ring is on a chain around my neck.  I am chugging water like a crazy person, as that does seem to help quite a bit.

The problem with the water chugging is that I keep needing to leave my clients in the chair at work to head off the the bathroom.  I’m a hairstylist, and every second with them counts towards keeping my schedule on time.  A few days ago, I left a client 3 times during the space of one haircut.  They are very patient with me, but I can’t help but feel guilty.  Their time in my chair is THEIR time, not mine.

The other new pregnancy symptom is FATIGUE.  Where did it suddenly come from?  My third trimester isn’t supposed to start for a few more weeks.  I wasn’t expecting to be so knackered so soon.  This results in less patience at work, less patience at home.  All I want to do is sit around, bake cookies, and read Sookie Stackhouse novels… OH, and plan an nursery for a room that we don’t even have.

As for baby specifics, I really can’t decide where he is sitting.  One day I feel him kicking on my right, then my left, then really really high at the top of his home, and then he’s wiggling his butt in the center of it all.  He’s really working hard to figure out just where to settle in, which is a relief to me.  Every kick and flutter I feel is reassuring.  This is happening.  He’ll get here.  That’s exciting!

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