Right before it starts becoming real…

by Milton on Mon, Nov 16th, 2009

in Week 16

I feel like we’re currently at the very edge of where this mystical baby starts becoming more real. Last night, Esther felt the first popcorn popcorn pop of the baby’s movements.  I sat in bed with my hand on her belly for a good hour at least trying to wait patiently for a little pop.  At one point, popcorn happened, and I didn’t notice it.  I resolved to put more attention into the nerve endings of my palm and to concentrate as hard as possible on the slightest movements, but by that point the popcorn had stopped.

Yes, the baby is still popcorn in my mind.

But, I think, once movement starts happening, and I can feel it, the popcorn idea will poof from my head.  And then, shortly after the movement is confirmed, the true obstacle of de-abstractification will be just on the horizon: gender.  And then, of course there’s that ever-growing belly on my beautiful wife to consider.  With a baby inside!

I want reality to break through.  I want to know this baby.

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