Not much to report

by Milton on Sun, Nov 22nd, 2009

in Week 17

We’re definitely solidly in the “sweet spot” of the pregnancy now. At least, this is what Esther reports. She seems to be feeling a lot better nauseous-wise, only reporting feeling ill when she eats too much or too fast.  The second meeting with the midwifery group was fun… we met another of the midwives, Lynn, and she seemed just as calming and helpful as Beth.  We talked out some of our fears about having a home birth at our current place (in case our house doesn’t sell by then) and she reassured us that it would work fine, even though our bathroom is on a different floor from the main living area.  Apparently bedpans can be used. Iiinteresting.

Also, Lynn mentioned that Esther will be required to not move much for a week after she gives birth. The uterus needs to heal (especially where the placenta was attached) and of course if any tearing happens that too will need to heal.  Stairs are not allowed.  Women who don’t rest for that required week sometimes have continued bleeding for long after the birth–something we’d want to avoid.  Which means that Esther will be hanging out in bed and around the bed for about a week… which will be an interesting adventure for us both.  I plan on staying home for about a month after the birth too so I’ll be able to do all of the other things, but I worry most about Esther feeling couped up in a little area after going through such an ordeal. I’m sure she’ll be itching to run around and explore the world with little baby it tow, but I guess that’s gonna have to wait til week two.

Anyway, not much to report. I still haven’t felt anything, not for lack of trying. The baby’s now the size of an avocado. Our house still hasn’t sold. And on through week 17 we go…

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1 Dana Mon, Nov 23rd, 2009 at 12:50 am

in my experience, the first week or two after the baby is born….you have no desire to leave the bed where you are staring at your new baby. you study each line….every inch… wait for every expression and every noise… is way more entertaining than it sounds…..also….days and nights turn into the same and a week flies by without you noticing. :)


2 Ariel Mon, Nov 23rd, 2009 at 1:59 am

I’m making my peace with the fact that I may feel like Rapunzel up in a tower for the first week or two after the baby’s born — our house STARTS with a flight of stairs! But all the new moms I’ve talked to say it felt really natural to hibernate that first week or so … lots of laying around and recovering and staring at the baby and falling in love and trying to wrap your head around the whole thing.


3 Callie Mon, Nov 23rd, 2009 at 2:17 pm

I guess I’ll be the voice of dissent in the comments here. I HAD to get out of the house after my son was born. I didn’t go exploring the world or anything, but taking short walks through our neighborhood and even just going out onto our deck for a few moments of fresh air really helped to keep me sane. I am not a homebody and being cooped up at home made me feel crazy. I had a touch of baby blues and being inside all day made me feel so anxious! My midwife encouraged me to go outside for short walks to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. Take things slowly and allow yourself to recover, of course, but keep in mind the power of a change of scenery if there are any baby blues! I promise it works!


4 Kristy Mon, Nov 30th, 2009 at 5:28 am

I wouldn’t run any marathons, but moving around a bit that first week should be ok, no need to be confined to a bed, I don’t think. I only had help for like 3 days after Adelyn was born then everyone went back to work, so I had to do the normal baby caring things on my own. I really had no desire to leave the house anyway, although I did have to go to see a lactation consultant on day 4 or so. I had a horrible 4th degree tear so that was the worst part of it, but I think the uterus heals just fine so long as you don’t do any lifting or exercise. That first week or two were quite a blur to me anyway, you don’t have any concept of day or night, it’s just a constant feed, change, rest, repeat cycle.


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