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by Esther on Mon, Nov 16th, 2009

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I’ve been feeling pretty great.  Fatigue is in check, nausea has disappeared, pickle cravings have subsided, and somehow I refrained from spending $50 on sheep milk cheese at the market this week.  I even want to have sex again!  The second trimester is truly the sweet spot of pregnancy.

Milton and I have been getting on well.  Our only argument has us recalling one of our only wedding-prep related arguments, which was quite specifically about gift registration and gear.  We agree that there is a colossal amount of waste in the baby industry.  Obviously, every baby born does not need a brand new status stroller.  Obviously, any baby born does not need a brand new anything.  I have no qualms about hand-me-down anythings (other than a breast pump, because that just seems a little weird), but worry that not registering for anything at all will leave my family at a loss for how to help out… and, like most American families, my family likes to help out by buying gifts on a registry.  I also worry that we’ll end up throwing money we don’t have on things we later find are necessary when we feel a pinch.  We do have that bad habit.  It’s nice to be prepared.

Of course, all of this baby gear prep is still a few months away.  Right now we’re concentrating on selling our awesome house, which is really only awesome if you don’t have a baby.  We’re also concentrating on buying tickets to go to my hometown for Christmas and my Grandmother’s 85th birthday, which is making me sad because I have to spend a whole lot of money to fly during the holiday season… and money has become this whole different thing to me now that I need to save it for a new family.  I am truly worried that I will never see my family again once this kid is born.   Goodness knows that tickets feel a whole lot more expensive when they are bought in twos and (later) threes.

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1 Laurel Mon, Nov 16th, 2009 at 9:09 pm

I just read this article from Sightline that mentions alternative gift registries… might be worth checking out.

(or maybe your family would be willing to contribute to the see-the-baby-tour plane ticket fund instead of buying stuff…)


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