Dear baby

by Milton on Wed, Nov 25th, 2009

in Letters to baby,Week 17

Esther texted me today, “Our baby is awake. :))))))”

I texted back, “Yaaaaaaaay! What’s he/she doing???”

She texted back, “Swimming! Spending secret time with mom…”

“I’m jealous.”

It’s true, I don’t get the same secret time with you as Esther does.  I still haven’t felt your swimming frog legs kicking flips in her belly.  I have a feeling I’m going to want to overcompensate by speaking to you in deep sea voices once I do make first contact with your other-worldly self.

I’ve started learning some songs on my guitar to play for you once you arrive. I’m trying to find baby-appropriate songs that are somewhat soothing and also have either ambiguous or happy lyrics.  I’ve learned about 66% of From An Aeroplane Over The Sea, by Neutral Milk Hotel, and am working also on learning Flume by Bon Iver, When U Love Somebody by the Fruit Bats, and a couple Decemberists and Fleet Foxes songs sit on the backburner waiting for my fingers to callus up a little.  Once I get my guitar-playing fingers working a bit better, and my play-and-sing coordination down a bit more, I will try to write a song or two for you. Or at least change a few of the lyrics to songs I already know. We’ll see. Underpromise overdeliver, right?

Since I haven’t played guitar in a while, I’ve noticed that the songs I’m playing are a lot different from the ones I used to play.  The music of the last few years that I’ve been listening to is actually a lot simpler and easier to play than the music of my highschool and college days (lots of classic rock back then, to be sure).  In particular, the songs are easier to play, but there are a lot more lyrics to memorize. And the melodies are a bit more difficult to sing over the chords.  Just my observation. You won’t know the difference, really. But, I hope you like our music… cause you’re gonna be listening to a lot of it as you grow up.  We’re gonna try our best to avoid baby music… I don’t really get why baby music has to suck. But who knows, maybe it’s because babies have bad taste in music. I’ll leave all options open. Another good policy, I guess.

Back to some guitar now.  Talk to ya later, baby.



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1 Callie Wed, Nov 25th, 2009 at 11:29 am

You should check out Elizabeth Mitchell’s music ( Her music is pretty much the only children’s music we listen to. 18 months later, and we’re still not tired of it.

I’m sure you’ll find that you will write a lot of your own lyrics to your favorite songs though. We make up so many songs for our son and it is a constant source of amusement for us!


2 michelle Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009 at 12:41 am

just started reading your blog…it’s fantastic! you’ll be on oprah sooner or later. :) your baby is so lucky to be getting letters from you already! mind if i share a favorite artist? Last night, I had to put Bean to bed with Lullatone albums on shuffle to ease her fear of nightmares after watching A Christmas Carol (ghosts!). i think you’d like it(?). it’s really great music that was inspired by their son, they seem like a cool couple:


3 Milton Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009 at 12:57 am

Thanks, Michelle! Yes, please share as many artists and recommendations about anything as you are able to! I am an information and recommendation sponge right now.

I will definitely check out Lullatone. I guess it’s difficult to tell the musical preferences of a baby before he or she is born. Did you listen to music during pregnancy, and find that there was any correlation between what you played and what the babies preferred? Or is it all just confabulation?


4 michelle Tue, Dec 15th, 2009 at 8:01 pm

i listened to plenty of music while pregnant with Bean because i was working at amazon and that’s just what I did to drown out the noise. As soon as she could start talking, Bean would let us know what she preferred – which usually fell into upbeat folksy, indie rock style music (stuff i listen to), she doesn’t tolerate “sad”, mellow music well which i think is a kid’s natural response. She’s drawn to the kid faves now (lady gaga, britney, etc) but will also put classical on at dinner or when dancing. I always have music playing (no TV) and i see music as a huge part of Bean’s life now. She has an ipod in her room and likes to choose her own songs.


5 Jana Kleitsch Thu, Dec 17th, 2009 at 7:16 am

Yay for your guitar coming out of storage. Photo opp!! I think you need to learn Rocky Racoon and Buffalo Bill. My kids love Beatles songs.


6 Esther Thu, Dec 17th, 2009 at 7:23 am

I know for sure that he already has Rocky Racoon down. If we both insist, I’ll bet we can get him to bring his guitar to play it for your kids the next time we visit. He’ll be totally weird about it, but that makes it even more fun!


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