The challenges ahead of us

by Milton on Fri, Sep 11th, 2009

in Challenges,Week 06

I recently left my well-paying job to start up a little company.  Of course, along with a fat paycheck I also lost my health insurance.  Perfect time to procreate, right?

We’re now paying $300/month for Regence BlueShield health insurance that has a $3,000 family deductible.  It covers maternity after deductible at 80%.  So, if the pregnancy costs $10,000 (which is cheap), we’ll be paying $300/month ($2,700) + $3,000 deductible + 20% of $7,000 ($1,400) which comes to $7,100 total over the next 9 months.  That doesn’t count coverage of the baby once it’s born, of course.

Our house is a loft.  Which means there are no separate rooms.  This worries us a little.  So we’re also thinking about moving somewhere that has separate bedroom.

We don’t have a car.  Does modern parenting involve taking the taxi to the hospital and strapping in a baby seat on the way back?  If we move, one of our desires would be to have a parking spot (they cost $150/month or $30,000 in my current building and it’s a little ridiculous).

Should we move?  Should we consider delivery options (birthing centers, home delivery)?  Should we get a car?  Should I get a high-paying job with health insurance?

Except for the last one (no way), these are the questions we don’t yet have answers for.  And, despite it all, while the situation seems a little financially scary, it also seems like the amount of change and adventure in store for us will keep us on our toes.  I like a good challenge, in other words.

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