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by Milton on Fri, Sep 11th, 2009

in Health insurance,Week 06

Looking at the list of baby costs that have put together has been really enlightening.  We are going to have a bit of insurance to cover us, but in the end that means we’ll probably pay about half to 66% of the total costs of having a baby.

We haven’t even had our first doctor’s appointment yet.  That’s coming up in a week or so, I believe.  The doctor that we had chosen (and who had come highly recommended from several friends) for the last pregnancy (which only got to 7.5 weeks, sadly) has since left the practice, so we’ve got to choose another doctor.

I’m curious to see how the $3,300 cost for a vaginal delivery compares to the cost of a birthing center.  Also, we’re highly interested in having a midwife and possibly also a doula for before and after the birth.  But I have no idea how much they cost, whether midwives are covered by insurance if they’re connected to a physician, etc.

I am expecting total out-of-pocket expenses to probably be in the $10,000 range, hopefully not more.  Again, I could be way off.  I know nothing.

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