I have an extra brain developing inside of me!

by Esther on Wed, Sep 16th, 2009

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From 5 to 10 weeks in utero, your baby is developing his or her BRAIN.  This is scary to me.

We are in the 7th week of our journey.  Not even a quarter of the way there, and already there is a brain inside my womb, developing.  This brain will dictate my child’s emotional and intellectual status.  Any damage I inflict on this precious brain could reflect badly on both my child and myself, forever.  Right?

While I intend to have a European pregnancy, allowing the occasional glass of wine and loosened rules about cheese, lunch meat, etc, I am being sure to be strict in the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy. After having a miscarriage 6 months ago, I’m also being careful to follow all the food recommendations- which is pretty easy, since my main craving is for greens and I’m already a fish oil devotee, anyhow.

I am worried about a few of my habits, though.  Namely, I have been taking Claritin every day for about 3 years now.  I developed an allergy to my beloved cat about that long ago, and found that a Claritin a day pretty much eradicated  any problem.

Claritin is classified as a class B pregnancy drug.  This basically means that it is not recommended, but only because no studies have been done.  It is probably not harmful, but should be taken at one’s own risk.

If I stop taking the Claritin, I instantly become super allergic to my poor kitty.  Now, I promise that this kitty will be the last kitty in a the short line of kitties that I have mothered.  I’ve known this for a long time.  Once she is gone, there will be no other kitty until I can fork over $5,000 for a kitty that is completely hypoallergenic.  Fine.  But, in the meantime, I am dedicated to this cat.  I love her little snuggle face!  But, what will taking this drug do to my developing baby?

I’ve cut back my pills to only taking one every other day, and with fish oil.  I haven’t had a doctor’s appointment yet to find out exactly what my doctor says… but have done a ton of inconclusive research.  I feel guilty pangs every time I take that little pill… much like the guilty pang I had the other day at my neighborhood coffee shop when I realized HELLO I AM PREGNANT AND EATING A CAKE THAT IS SOAKED IN RUM.  Geez.

In the meantime, we are addicted to watching Mad Men on AMC and I am always moved by seeing Betty Draper looking fabulous while pregnant, smoking, and drinking unlimited glasses of wine.  It seems that that generation didn’t have issues with ADHD, FAS, or any of the other childhood ailments that plague modern society.  Heck.  That child probably grew up to be a doctor or a laywer.

Whatever.  Claritin can’t have anything on the Demerol that Betty Draper was shot up with during her delivery.  Right?

UPDATE- I spoke with a nurse at my obgyn office this afternoon and got the green light to take Claritan.  Betty Draper, eat your drug and alcohol addled heart out!

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